Myanmar Military Coup: Indonesian Minister Retno Marsudi to Visit the South Eastern Nation on Thursday

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Naypyidaw, February 24: For the first time since the military coup in Myanmar, a foreign envoy is slated to fly to the country this week. Amid the massive protest in the country, Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi will reach Myanmar on Thursday morning and leave on the same day, according to a report in Reuters citing a 'leaked document' from south-eastern nation's Ministry of Transport. Myanmar Coup: Aide of Aung San Suu Kyi Arrested, Joe Biden Demands Myanmar Military 'Relinquish Power', Check Latest Developments.

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As per reports, Marsudi has been rooting for a 'special meeting' of the Southeast Asian countries on the Myanmar issue. Indonesia is also emphasising on monitoring the elections to be conducted in the military-ruled country to ensure they are 'free and inclusive.' However, several protesters in Myanmar have denounced her visit fearing that it would undermine their demands and recognise the military's stance on elections. Myanmar Power Crisis: Military Denies Coup, Says Will Hand Back Authority to 'Winning Party After Elections.'

Talking on her visit to Myanmar, an Indonesian foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday Marsudi was in Thailand and may travel to other countries in the region afterwards but could not confirm which. Earlier, he said a new election was not Indonesia’s position, as reported by Reuters.

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Meanwhile, the protesters in Myanmar are taking to streets, opposing the seizure of power by the military and demanding release of jailed civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi as well as the members her party, the National League of Democracy.

The military took charge in Myanmar, overthrowing the elected government on February 1, alleging fraud in the November elections, in which the NLD was victorious. It has however, denied any coup and promised to hand back the power to new, democratically elected government after the elections.