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"I'd like to say I have a Bohemian style, but I don't let labels stop me from using whatever I please to make my apartment look and feel like a home." 

#MyHomeMyStyle: 'My balcony garden is where we are spending most of our time.'

While Noora D’Mello is not keen on labels, she loosely defines her home interiors style as bohemian. “I don't let labels stop me from using whatever I please to make my apartment look and feel like a home,” she elaborates.

As a florist and die-hard DIYer, her days in quarantine have been peppered with little projects – several of which, involve plants! She is grateful for her balcony garden that’s thriving with the ‘plant babies’ she has nourished over the years. “My family is really keeping my spirits up! I'm very grateful that we are home, safe. A normal day for us includes gardening in the morning, a look at the progress of our propagation station. We all enjoy pitching in to cook our meals; we do bake a lot (keeps my kiddo, Nyah, entertained). Then a home workout and night rituals,” she says.

The balcony is where Noora and her family have spent a lot of time over the last two months. It offers them a piece of the sky and views of the local park with its resident canines, both of which, she misses dearly. She’s currently waiting for the seal on her building to be lifted so she can renew her daily ritual of feeding the street pups.

(Noora is a Mumbai-based florist who specializes in wedding floral design, bespoke bouquets and curated corporate gifts. Find her on Instagram @the_happy_florist)

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