mXpresso launches mFilterIT App in partnership with Apsalar

New Delhi, Feb.23 (ANI):"mXpresso", a leading end-to-end mobile advertising services company, today announced the launch of mFilterIT, a new service designed to help advertisers detect and prevent fraudulent mobile app installs. App install fraud is estimated to cost the industry up to US 6.3 billion dollars per year.

Mobile app install fraud is a massive challenge for the app industry. Many brands promote their mobile businesses by paying a cost-per-install bounty for each reported install. But a significant proportion of reported app installs are driven by bots and device emulators, which report app installs even though none has actually taken place.

Some industry sources estimate that 30%-50% of all reported paid installs are not made by real mobile phone users. In India, where mXpresso is based, recent industry studies ranked India as having the world's second highest fraudulent app install rate.

mFilterIT provides a deterministic and scientific technology to verify each app install. The service leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to identify bot and emulator signatures, so that advertisers don't pay for installs that are not authentic. Mxpresso has launched this solution in India and will soon extend it globally.

As part of its announcement, mXpresso unveiled a strategic partnership and an upcoming private beta implementation with Apsalar, a leading enterprise mobile app attribution and analytics services provider. With this partnership, the mFilterIT verification service will be fully integrated into Apsalar platform, so that its India clients can monitor their installs and block pay-outs for fraudulent installs in real-time.

"mXpresso is committed to helping advertisers resolve a critical problem limiting marketing efficiency inthe booming app marketing industry," said Dhiraj Gupta, Cofounder of mXpresso. "We've created mFilterIT to enable app entrepreneurs to feel confident in their install measurement and improve marketing efficiency. Using our strategic relationships with mobile Telcos, mxpresso is uniquely positioned to bring the power of telco assets and capabilities into the ad-tech space,"

Ampreet Singh, CEO and Founder of mXpresso, said, "mFilterIT is a great expression of our vision to develop cutting-edge technology in the ad tech space. mFilterIT resolves one the biggest difficulties app developers face when promoting their products. We intend to bring trust back to the CPI business globally, ensuring that fraudulent activities are prevented and brand ad spends are protected."

"Apsalar is committed to bringing the most important innovations to our industry and in ensuring that the industry does everything in its power to detect and prevent fraud," said Michael Oiknine, Cofounder and CEO of Apsalar. "Our partnership with mXpresso is a great expression of our commitment to helping India advertisers get maximum ROI from their US investments."

Apsalar's private beta implementation of mFilterIT will enable a select set of Apsalar clients to implement a test of the new service in the weeks ahead. Apsalar clients interested in the service should contact their account manager to express interest in the upcoming private beta and full launch. (ANI)