Mutated Coronavirus From Mink Farms 'Most Likely Eradicated', Announces Denmark; Curbs Lifted

Team Latestly
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Copenhagen, November 19: The threat of an epidemic due to a mutated version of coronavirus ceases to exist, announced the Danish government on Friday. The mutated "Cluster 5" virus is mostly "extinct", said a statement issued by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. The curbs imposed in parts of the country where the infected minks were found will be lifted from Friday.

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Most of the restrictions were imposed in North Jutland region of Denmark, which is inhabited by a populated of 280,000. A lockdown was placed in seven municipalities of the region after a mutated strain of coronavirus was detected among the minks found in farms of the region.

While the lockdown was scheduled to remain till December 3, the government decided to lift the restrictions from tomorrow as the mutated virus has almost been eradicated. The success was achieved after mass culling operation was launched to kill 15-17 million of the mammals present in the country.

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"There have been no new cases of the 'Cluster 5' mink mutation since September 15, which has led to the Danish infectious disease authority SSI to conclude that this variant has most likely been eradicated," Danish Health Ministry said in a statement issued earlier today.

The mutated strain of coronavirus, that was detected in minks of the Nordic nation last month, had shown sensitivity against anti-bodies. Health experts had warned of a possible epidemic if urgent measures were not enacted.

The Danish government, however, came under fire from the Opposition after it was found that they exceeded their constitutional limits by ordering the mass culling of minks in the country.

Amid the escalating row, Food and Agriculture Minister resigned on Wednesday. While the political rivals have also sought the PM's resignation, Frederiksen defended his government's decision to eliminate the minks population. The measure, she stressed, was necessitated to save the country from another health crisis.