Must work for empowering Hindus to work in India, says Bhaiyyaji Joshi

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However, Joshi said that “working for Hindus” is not communal.

RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi on Saturday said that anyone who wants to work in India will have to work for empowering Hindus, as India and Hindus are not different.

Speaking at Vishwaguru Bharat, a two-day RSS conclave, Joshi said, “We have been witness to this civilisation, this civilisation which is over 1,000 years old, to the rise and fall of India. If India is still living, the reason is Hindus. India cannot be separated from Hindus. At the core of this nation is Hindus, and whoever wants to work in this country, he will work in the Hindu community. He will have to work for Hindus, he will have to work taking along Hindu community and also strengthen the Hindu community and create awareness of the Hindusamaj.”

However, he said that “working for Hindus” is not communal. This also doesn’t mean the working is “against any other community,” he added.

He said India has always been spoken of becoming a superpower by 2020. Over the years, he said this was a belief and a much-awaited event mostly spread through word-of mouth by believers. “...I equate the word Power with Rajya (nation). If one doesn’t even have Bharat in their imagination or behaviour then how are we to become a superpower?” he said.

Joshi stressed on the “idea of Bharat” and also evoked the writings of Max Muller and Allama Iqbal, saying, “They wrote about the idea of India in their works and it is apt to read them again today.”

He added, “India will never end, it's probably the only nation which has seen so much of oppression where it has always still risen. In fact, India was from eternity and it will remain for eternity.... In that sense Hindusamaj will never die....”