Muslims shower petals on Hindu devotees in Varanasi on Mahashivratri

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, March 22 (ANI): Devotees in Varanasi's famous Vishwanath temple stood in long queues on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri, as they waited eagerly for their turn to perform the holy rituals on Shivling. As Hindu devotees stood in queues, people of the Muslim community were seen showering petals on them to give out the message of brotherhood in line with the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb. This culture refers to the fusion of Hindu-Muslim cultures found in northern states like Uttar Pradesh, especially the region that falls between the banks of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. This was not for the first time that such a wonderful gesture was shown by the people of a particular community in Varanasi. Locals say that be it the festivals of Hindus or Muslims, we celebrate each and every festival together and the same was witnessed during Mahashivratri. Celebrated with great fervour and zeal across the country, Mahashivratri is considered most auspicious for spiritual growth. Literally translating to - the great night of Shiva, the occasion is believed to celebrate the marriage of Shiva, the Lord of destruction and Parvati, goddess of fertility, love and beauty.