Muslims take out protest march in Agra over RSS shakhas on Waqf land

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Muslims take out protest march in Agra over RSS shakhas on Waqf land

UP Congress general secretary said that if the RSS tries to capture that land again, the Muslim community will oppose that attempt.

Although the UP government and local administration have put an end to the RSS shakhas being held on the disputed land near the Taj Mahal in Agra following the coverage of this incident published in India Today Digital, the Muslim community is not satisfied with this action, demanding the return of the land to the Muslims.

Congress city president and Muslim leader Haji Jamiluddin told India Today that the land is being forcibly made disputed whereas it was never disputed.

Every year, the urs of Baba Naeem Shah was held at the shrine of the Sufi saint constructed on this land.

The land was also registered in the Waqf Board with a registration no of 2151.

A few times, the RSS had tried to hold its shakha there and the Muslims allowed that to happen in order to maintain communal harmony, but now the RSS wants to take over the land, claiming it to be theirs.

He said that the Muslim community will oppose any such move of the RSS and a memorandum demanding the immediate removal of the police force from the land and the handing over of the lands peaceful possession to the Muslim community was sent to the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath through City Magistrate Agra.


UP Congress general secretary Shabbir Abbas said that if the RSS tries to capture that land again, the Muslim community will oppose that attempt with full force.

Jamit-ul-Quresh president Mohd Shareef Kale said that the Muslim community is against anyone who tries to spread communal poison in the country as Islam only preaches brotherhood and peace. But the RSS wants to take advantage of being in power at the Centre and state and oppress the Muslim community, which cannot be allowed.

Haji Manzoor, Haji Qadeer, Haji Muqeem, Humayun Qureshi, Jameel Khan, Akil Abbas, Adnan Qureshi, Nadeem Noor, Mohd Arif Advocate, Mohd Yaseen, Idrees Meo and several other Muslim community leaders participated in a protest march that ended at the Agra collectorate.


Meanwhile, senior RSS leaders in Agra told India Today that this matter will be raised in the national convention of the RSS being held on 24-25 June in Bareily and any decision taken there, will be enforced in Agra.

Talking to India Today, SSP Agra Amit Pathak said that the disputed land in Pawan Dham colony is surrounded by the police and theres complete peace in the colony. If someone tries to break the law and enter the land, he will be dealt with strict actions.

District Magistrate Agra Gaurav Dayal said that Agra is a city of love and Sulh-e-Kul, where communal harmony is second nature of the local residents.

He added that if some communal incidents take place in Agra, the echo of these incidents can be heard for a year and more in the international community due to the importance of Agra on the world tourism map.

He appealed to both the communities to stay calm and let the law take its course on deciding the title of the land.

He warned that the area was under a prohibition order currently and any attempts to break the peace will result in strong action from the administration.