Muslims help perform last rites of Kashmiri Pandit in Pulwama

It is said that if we love all religions equally then there will be no incidence of conflicts. These words were recently proved right during the funeral of a Kashmiri pandit, Rattan Lal, when his Muslim neighbours gathered at his residence in Murran village of Pulwama to perform his last rites. Around 2000 in number, they not just provided their condolences to the Lal's family but also did all the arrangements of his funeral that too in accordance with Hindu rituals, setting a great example of communal harmony. Besides doing all the arrangements, they even helped the Lal's family in carrying his body to the cremation pyre. One among the few Kashmiri pandit families who decided to stay back during the tumultuous years of nineties when all Pandits were leaving the region, Lal's family seems to have got the reward of their courage. Today all their Muslim neighbors are standing by them at their difficult times, no matter which community they belong to. It's due to the efforts of one family who showed courage at that time when others decided to quit, that we got witness such a beautiful example of love and brotherhood.