Muslim population increases in Austria

Indo Asian News Service

Vienna, April 14 (IANS) The number of Muslims living in Austria has increased rapidly to almost 700,000 people, or 8 per cent of the total population, figures from the Interior Ministry revealed.

The last time such statistics were taken in 2001, the total was 346,000, meaning the Muslim population has since doubled, according to the data issued on Thursday.

Reasons for the strong growth in numbers have been migration to Austria, a high birth rate, as well as about 100,000 refugees who came to Austria during the recent migrant crisis, the vast majority of whom were Muslims, Xinhua news agency reported.

Of the 8.77 million people living in the country, the vast majority are still Roman Catholics, numbering at 5.16 million or 59 per cent of the total population.

Orthodox Christians numbers at about 500,000, evangelicals 303,000, and the Jewish community 15,000.