Muslim Men Assaulted Over Cattle in Delhi: How The Horror Unfolded

In what appears to be a case of violence in the guise of animal welfare, two cattle traders and the driver of their truck were attacked in the heart of Delhi late on 22 April.

The three men, who were transporting 14 buffaloes in a truck, were attacked – by a group claiming to be members of an organisation named People For Animals – near the capital’s Kalkaji Mandir area. The three assault victims were arrested by the Delhi Police under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. However, the police are yet to arrest any of the people who allegedly assaulted them.

R Baaniya of Delhi Police told ANIThree people took buffaloes for legal slaughter where PFA (People for Animals) entered into a scuffle. Not Gau Raksha Dal, they were members of an NGO which has been working for many years in Delhi.

The cattle traders have been identified as Ashu and Kamil, while the driver of the truck has been identified as Rizwan. Read the full story here.

Video Producer: Kavyasri Srinath
Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim