Muslim man in Bengaluru donates land for construction of Hanuman temple

In a remarkable example of religious harmony, a Bengaluru based Muslim businessman has donated land for expansion of the complex of a Hindu temple campus. This friendly gesture by HMG Basha, who is a cargo business owner, has won hearts of many people. Basha has donated land for the expansion of Hanuman temple at Hoskote Taluk, some 35 kms away from Bengaluru city. Basha's family owned three acre sized land is located adjacent to the Hanuman temple. Devotees had been offering their prayers at this temple for around three decades and were struggling to perform some rituals which required more space. As a solution to the problem, the temple trust asked Basha, who eagerly donated about 1,634 sq feet of land for the expansion of the temple campus. Basha's family members and friends have also laid their support in his decision. It is examples like these that prove that the citizens of our country stand unified despite of all their religious and cultural differences and are always available to help each other in difficult times like these.