Muslim girl sings Hindu Devotional Songs

Aarzoo, a Muslim girl in the Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, has been playing a key role in strengthening the secular fabric of our country by rising above religious lines. Since her childhood she has been singing songs of Krishna, though she belongs to a Muslim Community. Besides performing the rituals of her community, Aarzoo never compromise with her daily practise of singing. She has won several awards for her devotional singings such as Kishore Award 2013. She is also competing in Bhajan Ratan programmes and has reached the finals. Aarzoo's parents have always supported her and never objected her singing of Hindu devotional songs. A final year B.A student, Aarzoo wants to make a unique identity in devotional singing. She is currently taking training in Classical music and is greatly inspired by her teacher. With her singing of Hindu devotional songs, Aarzoo has proved that religion is not a medium of dividing people but uniting them.