Music Magic: Two Boys Recreate Harry Potter Theme Using Washing Machines

Ever wondered what it was like for Harry Potter to wash clothes like a 'Muggle'? Two young Potter fans seem to have the answer.

In a viral video, the two young boys can be seen recreating the Harry Potter theme music from the films using nothing but a washing machine.

The video clip posted a Twitter features two boys fiddling with a washing machine. The one standing is the percussionist, who plays different beats by slamming and knocking on the door using his knuckles. The other person, who is seen dressed up like none other than Harry Potter himself, replete with his Hogwarts robe, is manipulating the beeping sounds made by machine's keys to create the music.


If you think this wasn’t a waste of 5 hours smack that ‘+’ @electricjason ##harrypotter ##washingmachine

♬ original sound - kurtschneider

The caption to the video reads, “Harry Potter doing laundry be like.” The clip was originally shared by a user who goes by the name kurtschneider on TikTok. Captioning the now-viral video, he wrote, “If you think this wasn’t a waste of 5 hours smack that ‘+’ @electricjason #harrypotter #washingmachine".

As of now, the post has been viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok alone.

Unsurprisingly, most comments on the post are that of appreciation. Most apparent potter heads have commented that this video should hit a million benchmark, which it already has. Many users wrote, “amazing”, “lovely”.

A person commented, “I love this so much” another wrote, “this is so much talent.”

The post has also gone viral on other social media portals like microblogging site Twitter, where it has crossed the four million benchmark.