Music Industry Exec, Tom Hickey Media: “Jay Diener is a Pioneer in the New Digital Music space”

Alena Rinwi
·2-min read

New Jersey born Jay Diener has been gaining attention from music industry executives around the world for his innovative digital marketing strategies. Execs like Tom Hickey Media are saying Jay Diener is a “pioneer in the new digital music industry space”.

Jay Diener has a knack for turning his rough life experiences into great music. With influences ranging from Public Enemy to Oasis, Jay Diener plans to show the industry he can dare to be different. Starting out freestyling in the cafeteria, Jay Diener has been turning his life experience into words for years. His wide array of musical influences ultimately pushed him to start recording music.

His debut single, “Full Circle”, draws inspiration from a series of losses in the family in 2018. Time-and-time again, Jay is proving he can effectively communicate his life experiences through song. In 2021, Jay Diener plans on pushing his sound further and further, and showing the world why he is someone to pay attention to.

With hundreds of thousands of plays on all streaming platforms, Jay Diener is gaining a hardcore fanbase for his unique image. His latest track, Insane, currently has over 150,000 streams on all platforms. With 10 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, Jay Diener plans to keep growing his niche fanbase all year.

Jay Diener prides himself in using cutting edge digital marketing techniques to gain his online following. The ever-changing music industry is a difficult place to maneuver. Artists like Jay Diener are paving the way for artists to get exposure in this new music industry. With major label deals losing effectiveness, it’s more important than ever to have digital marketing in your repertoire of skills. Jay Diener is on the forefront of new industry, and has no plans to stop.

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