Fed-up pub landlord abused over 'no jab, no pint' policy - 'We should not be vilified'

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The Murderers pub in Norwich. (Google Images)
The Murderers pub in Norwich. (Google Images)

A pub landlord has revealed how he was abused on social media after introducing a 'no jab, no entry' rule. 

Phil Cutter announced that customers must either show proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test when his pub reopens on Saturday. 

The move comes after the establishment, The Murderers in Norwich, had to close for 10 days after two staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Cutter, 50, posted his plans to only allow customers who have been vaccinated on social media earlier this week and said he was subjected to "hundreds of really vile messages".

"People were threatening to smash the pub windows, and calling me a Nazi and a discriminator," he told the BBC. 

"They were even picking on people who supported my decision, and trolling them as well."

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In a later post, the landlord clarified his plans, saying people who have had a negative lateral flow test will also be allowed into the pub. 

"Despite reports, our intention is not to coerce the public into vaccination, this is clearly free will, however, in the same way that we have a different opinion to others in regard to vaccinations, we should not be vilified for holding an alternative opinion to a minority of other’s," he wrote.

"We respect the opinions of others, and their beliefs – we respectfully disagree with them, and should be the case from those who disagree with us."

He said the pub had endured five enforced closures in the past 18 months which compromised its viability and said he had a "duty of care" to staff and customers.

"Our policy decisions have always come from a good place," he added. "Our aim has not been designed to discriminate against anyone, but recognised that they may alienate a minority, and this was never our intention.

"We have now taken further advice, and can now confirm that we will also be accepting a current, valid and registered lateral flow test result, as an acceptable alternative, to showing your vaccination status.

He added: "We hope these measures will ensure customers feel safe to return to the pub.

"Therefore, our entry policy has been deemed NOT to be discriminatory, but simply a condition of entry to the establishment.

"Our intention is not to exclude or offend, but to protect vulnerable staff and customers, as well as the business."

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