Mummy-O-Phobia: 9 Things About Indian Moms That Scare Us the Most

(This article is being reposted from The Quint's archives to mark World Parents Day. It was first published on 17 March 2017.)

Indian moms are known for their excessive love and care. And hey, we’re not complaining — we absolutely enjoy it. But there are moments when their love literally knows no bounds.

But Indian mummies = emotional drama. Now, that is a plain fact.

There are some hilarious ‘phobias’ that often become a part of our growing years. Sample some of them below.

Effin Tiffin Phobia - Beta, tiffin khatam kiya?

Story of my life through school, college and work!

BandBaajaBachao Phobia - Beta, Shaadi karlo ab!

Ye kya ho raha hai meri life ke saath?

PhoneMaphobia- Ye kaun ladki Whatsapp bhejti rehti hai?

Mummy se kya chupana?

CIDMaphobia - Aj tera room saaf karti hoon.

Kyun? Akhir kyun?

PublicBezzatiphobia - Ye photo kitni cute hai, Facebook pe daal rahi hoon.

Why would you do that to me?

PoutPeDoubtphobia - Ye kaun hai photo mein tere saath?

Friends hain mumma.

Shaq-ki-Ma-phobia - Ye gift kisne diya?

Ab kya bolu?

RantyAuntyphobia - Aapki beti kisi ladke ke saath ghum rahi thi kal.

Because we are the butt of all the gossip.

HaldiWaldiwisephobia - Haldi is very good for health beta.

Spare me the horror please. 

(With special inputs from: Aaqib Raza Khan)