Mumbai's oldest hotel Zodiac Grill turns 23!

Serena Menon

Mumbai, Nov. 30 -- Earlier this month, Zodiac Grill, at one of Mumbai's oldest hotels, the Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba, turned 23. And to mark the occasion, it has introduced to its drinks menu a special cocktail for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

The quirky idea, which the restaurant's manager Jaee Pendse (25) came up with, required her team to first shortlist the most descriptive traits of each sun sign, following which, she picked corresponding ingredients for the cocktail.

"We studied the zodiac signs. Then we picked common aspects from them all - the signs' colours, qualities, what is recommended for their health, the food that people under the various signs prefer and so on," says Pendse, who then designed the recipe of each cocktail accordingly. "We've also picked the glassware as per the characteristics."

Here are the recipes of the first six cocktails for those interested in finding out whether the drinks truly suit their astrological personality.

Aries (mar 21 - apr 20)

Qualities: Headstrong and ambitious.

The cocktail: Use of tropical flavours and coconut best suits them. Since they are carefree and energetic, this cocktail brings together

an adventurous mix of ingredients for them.


30 ml pineapple juice

60 ml cranberry juice

15 ml Cointreau

10 ml lime juice

45 ml Bacardi

5 ml coconut syrup

Taurus (apr 21 - may 20)

Qualities: Stability, endurance and strength

The cocktail: The melon, which has been added to this cocktail, is believed to calm down Taureans. The use of pineapple balances the drink and vodka gives it strength, for those who are under the sign of the bull.


30 ml melon syrup

40 ml vodka

60 ml pineapple juice

Gemini (may 21 - june 21)

Qualities: Versatile, social and intellectual.

The cocktail: The existence of two flavours - banana and orange - along with the use of Galliano gives this

cocktail a versatile nature, just like the Gemini.


30 ml Bacardi

15 ml Galliano

15 ml banana syrup

60 ml orange juice

Cancer (jul 22 - june 22)

Qualities: Compassionate, resourceful and imaginative.

The cocktail: Cancerians are fascinated by history and mix easily with groups. The use of apricots and eggs benefit a Cancerian's health. This cocktail has evolved from the classics, with ingredients that mix easily and symbolise the nature of Cancerians.


50 ml Bacardi

10 ml Apricot brandy

15 ml lime juice

1 bar spoon (1 tsp approx) caster sugar

1 bar spoon Galliano

1 egg white

Leo (jul 23 - aug 23)

Qualities: Creative and passionate.

The cocktail: Leos represent power and exuberance. Their nature combines sensitivity with boldness. The cocktail has a mix of powerful ingredients (Irish Mist) combined into a smooth mix (Jack Daniel's).


30ml peach liqueur

20ml Irish Mist

30ml Jack Daniel's

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)

Qualities: Precise, diligent and a perfectionist.

The cocktail: Virgos express themselves freely and have a charming personality. They are skilled and inquisitive. This cocktail combines Gin with a beautiful herb (thyme) and citrus flavours that balance the taste. Lemon is also an ideal ingredient for Virgo cocktails.


4 sprigs thyme

3-4 lemon wedges

20 ml sugar syrup


20 ml lime juice

60 Tanqueray 10 (gin)

Libra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)

Qualities: Idealistic, thoughtful and charismatic

The cocktail: Librans are shy and quiet, beautiful at heart and stable in their mind. They are in perfect harmony.

Tequila combined with the delicate flavours of fruits creates a beautiful cocktail that brings out the tropical aromas for Librans smoothly.


30 ml Raspberry liqueur

30 ml Tequila

20 ml Cointreau

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Qualities: Intuitive, intriguing and ambitious

The cocktail: At first sight, Scorpions' bold nature comes across, but they are also equally secretive and sensitive. This cocktail is full of prominent flavours (use of figs and strawberry benefits this sign) of berries along with a mix of ingredients that makes you wonder about the drink.


2 Whole figs

Strawberry preserve

1 bar spoon Grenadine syrup

10 ml lime juice

60 ml Vodka

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Qualities: Cheerful, optimistic and extroverted

The cocktail: Sagittarians are warm, straight-forward and intense people. They are full of energy and express themselves freely. Jasmine and parfait amour add a certain intense, yet expressive character to the cocktail.


40 ml vodka

20 ml parfait amour

20 ml Jasmine syrup

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

Qualities: Classy, practical and reliable

The cocktail: Those who belong to this sign are fiercely independent and systematic. They also have great amount of patience and perseverance. For this cocktail, citrus fruits are combined with Ron Zacapa that has its own sweet honey flavor. When mixed with flavoured tea, the concoction opens up slowly. The ingredients are also healthy for a Capricorn.


1 bar spoon Apple Cinnamon tea

60 ml orange juice

1 bar spoon honey

60 ml Ron Zacapa

Aquarius (jan 22 - feb 19)

Qualities: Experimental, extroverted and tolerant - Aquarians are simple people. They express themselves naturally and create a positive aura.

The cocktail: This cocktail has natural a pear flavour that benefits an Aquarian's health also. It is easy and smooth to drink and the flavours are clear, like the thoughts of an Aquarian.


Cut Pear

20 ml Blue curacao

30 ml Vodka

5 ml Sambuca

Squeeze of fresh lime


Pisces (feb 20 - mar 20)

Qualities: Pisceans are compassionate, mystical and magnetic.

The cocktail: This cocktail incorporates the Piscean's intense nature with the use of Chartreuse, which is made from several herbs that will also benefit a Piscean. Creativity and intuition is how the lychee syrup became a part of the cocktail.


10 ml Chartreuse

30 ml Ron Zacapa dark rum

20 ml Blue curacao

10 ml lychee syrup

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.