Mumbai's Mahim Dargah uniting people of all faiths

Situated in the bustle of Mahim bazaar in Mumbai, the domed mausoleum of Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Mahimi stands tall overlooking Mahim bay and the ramparts of Mahim fort in its picturesque background. For centuries this green and white structure has remained a beacon of communal harmony and brotherhood. The Dargah dons a special air of tranquillity and peace when devotees coming from across faiths throng the shrine to pay their obeisance to the14th century saint. A flight of steps ending in an arched opening takes devotees inside the well lit mausoleum dominated by two large graves, that of Makhdoom Sahib in the middle and that of his mother to its left. It is not an unusual site to see people of all faiths, both young and old offering Chadars at this holy Dargah of this great Sufi Saint.Many devotees believe that tying a sacred thread on the silver coated railings present in the premises of this Dargah can sanctify them and could fulfil their lifelong desires. Every year on the thirteenth day of Shawaal as per the Muslim calendar, an annual Urs or Mahim Dargah fair is organised in the memory of the Saint which is attended by number of devotes across the globe, making it a platform of religious diversity.