Mumbaikars will have to wait more to get a glimpse of Hambolt penguins

The Hambolt penguins were to be put on display on March 6 in Mumbai but the zoo authorities have asked for some more time.

Hambolts penguins have been at the centre of controversy since day one of their arrival in Mumbai.

The standing committee head and members, who visited the Mumbai zoo on Friday expressed their disappointment over the delay in putting up penguins on display for the people of Mumbai.

BMC Standing Committee Chairman Yashodhar Phanse and member Trushna Vishawasrao visited Byculla Zoo on Friday to see the new enclosure of Hambolt penguins. Although the standing committee was happy with the infrastructure of international quality present, they were disappointed over the delay to put penguins on display.

Earlier, the zoo authorities had said that they will be put on display on March 6 but not they have sought more time.

"We were told by the BMC authorities that everything was ready but now we got to know that the display enclosure is still not ready for penguins. They said that there is some air quality issue," said Yashodhar Phanse, Standing Committee Chairman.

According to sources, the standing committee is in a hurry to inaugurate the facility as they want to take the credit before their tenure gets over.

"It's not true that we are doing it in a hurry. Next Mayor will be of the Shiv Sena only and we would be happy if he /she inaugurates this enclosure." said Phanse.

However, the Congress has called it a political game, which is directly affecting Mumbaikars. "I had come here to see the penguins but they are still in quarantine and have not been shifted here. Mumbaikars still have to wait because of the political blame game of Sena and BJP. Hope they inaugurate it before March 9," said Pravin Cheda, Congress leader.

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