Mumbai: Unsupervised sit-ups lands 19-yr-old with kidney injury

Devanshu will be discharged in two days.

Exercising without trained supervision led a 19-year-old to hospitalisation with acute kidney injury requiring dialysis support. The case came upto doctors as a rare episode where daily sit-ups done the wrong way affected his urination.

Devanshu Zala started going to gym after his summer vacations started earlier this month. According to his uncle Amit Shah, he started doing sit-ups without proper training, doing at least 100 a day. He joined gym as an activity since he had free time. The first day a trainer showed him different exercises. After that he started doing sit-ups on his own, Shah said.

Devanshu was undergoing a course in hotel management before his summer break began. Four days after joining gym, he suffered pain while walking. His urination reduced significantly.

According to nephrologist Dr Siddharth Lakhani, when he was brought to HJ Doshi Hindu Sabha Hospital in Ghatkopar, initial evaluation showed his creatinine levels had shot up and kidney function was poor. He suffered from rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which muscle strain affects myoglobin production and hampers kidney functioning. Recently, we have come across several cases where youngsters bodybuilding without proper technique end up in this situation, Lakhani said.

Devanshu s condition was, however, a severe case where he required dialysis support to improve his kidney functions. Hospital Director Dr Vaibhav Deogirkar said the teen required four sessions of dialysis and immediate hospitalisation. He remains admitted since ten days. Doctors also observed reduced hydration in Devanshu and put him on IV fluid hydration drip.

Usually such cases improve with hydration. But in his case hydration did not affect urine functions. It had almost stopped, Lakhani said. Devanshu s creatinine levels were at 2.5, as opposed to normal range below 1. With hydration and dialysis, his creatinine levels have reduced in the last few days, Lakhani said.

The teenager will be discharged in two days.