Mumbai: Train runs over man trying to escape with stolen phone

Iram Siddique
Arif Shaikh was hit by a train between Reay Road and Cotton Green at 5.30 pm.

A man who was allegedly trying to escape after stealing a cellphone from a commuter was run over by a local train.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. Chirag Gupta (26), a resident of Ghatkopar West, was heading home. He boarded a local train around 5.19 pm at Vashi station. On the way, he fell asleep, waking up at 5.53 pm when the train was entering Sewri station, only to realise his iPhone 7 was missing from his trouser pocket, which was torn.

Gupta then went to Wadala GRP station from where he began calling his number. The cellphone was on and the call was received by a man who identified himself as police constable Sonavne from Wadala GRP. Sonavne told him that the cellphone was found on a man identified as Arif Shaikh, who was hit by a train between Reay Road and Cotton Green at 5.30 pm. Shaikh was taken to JJ hospital where he was declared dead. Sonavne found the cellphone on Shaikh and assumed the call could be from a relative. A diary in Arif’s pocket led the GRP to his family.

Senior police inspector Rajendra Pal said, “Gupta... did not register a complaint. But we explained the situation and registered a case against Shaikh under Section 379 of the IPC.”