Mumbai: Three accused arrested in Barge P305 accident; 86 were killed in Tauktae storm

Mumbai: The police have taken significant action against the accused associated with the P305 barge ship, which fell victim to the accident due to negligence during Cyclone Tauktae. In this case, the police have registered a lawsuit against the three accused and arrested them. 86 people lost their lives in this accident. The P305 barge was trapped in the Arabian Sea during storm Tout and sank. In the rescue operation that lasted three days after the accident, 188 people aboard the barge were rescued. A total of 274 personnel were on board the barge. The eye-witnesses of the accident had made a startling disclosure. The employees had accused the barge administration of gross negligence. The police of Yellow Gate police station of Mumbai has taken action against the accused in the case.

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