Mumbai: Shiv Sena protest puts illegal ride-sharing on cop radar

Suresh Golani
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Bhayandar: Local trade unions under the aegis of the Mira Bhayandar Vahtuk Sena (Shiv Sena’s transport wing) are up in arms against operators of private vehicles who are illegally ferrying passengers in and out of the twin-city. Seeking immediate action against the rampant illegalities, a delegation representing the authorised cab and auto-rickshaw operators led by Shyam Mhapralkar gheraoed the regional transport office (RTO) in Thane.

As a mark of protest they even handed over keys of their vehicles to the deputy officer Shyam Lohi. “Following an assurance from authorities of taking action including cancellation of registration and even impounding vehicles, we have withdrawn the agitation for now. However, if the authorities fail to act, a much intensified agitation will be launched in coming days,” said Mhapralkar.

The Shiv Sena has been at loggerheads with traffic and RTO personnel for their inaction against the illegal operators which according to them were not only robbing livelihood of genuine auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers but had been creating a significant dent in the kitty of the various public transport authorities.

Travelling in unauthorised private vehicles not only poses a serious question mark on one’s safety and security, but in case of accidents, compensations will be denied as private car insurance does not cover passengers, unlike commercial yellow board taxi’s and authorized app-based cab aggregators.