Mumbai: Rescued leopard cub critical, officials postpone search for mother

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The cub was found last Wednesday by morning walkers. (File Photo)

After attempts to reunite an abandoned leopard cub, found in Yeoor forest last week, with its mother failed, the forest department has decided to postpone the search for the mother till its condition improves. The cub is in critical condition.

After the cub was found last Wednesday by morning walkers, the forest department tried to reunite the cub with its mother that night. Forest officials placed the cub in a basket and kept it at the same place where it was found, hoping to draw its mother. But officials confirmed that no leopard had approached the basket nor one sighted nearby. A team had kept vigil all night with cameras set up around the spot.

The cub, reported to be suffering from unusually low body temperature, is being treated at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) centre. The forest department is now focusing on stabilising the cub before attempting to unite it with its mother. “We have been monitoring the area through patrolling and camera traps. The cub is only 14 days old. It needs its mother’s milk at least till it turns two,” a forest official said.

The cub was spotted behind a rock in the Yeoor forest on Wednesday by morning walkers. It was then sent to the animal hospital at SGNP in Borivali.