Mumbai Police Uses Quirky Word Game to Remind People the Proper Way of Wearing Mask

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Mumbai Police have a great social media presence. Though many are still 'nervous' about the experience that they might have while dealing with police in real life, the online avatar of the department does not give any such impressions. The social media presence of Mumbai police has made it easier for people to reach out even with small complaints. The police too have been using the platform with great effect as they try to help citizens and create a more friendly image for themselves.

Mumbai Police particularly uses the space to deliver important messages effectively with help of its interesting posts. In another such bid, the Mumbai police shared an innovative post to remind people about the importance of wearing a mask properly for controlling coronavirus.

The social media post shared by the department had four pictures. While the first three pictures featured English words and their correct pronunciation, the graphic in the fourth one depicted the correct way of wearing a mask with the nose and mouth covered properly.

The post on the Instagram page of Mumbai Police has got over 11K like within hours of being posted online. People could not stop themselves from posting funny reaction and demanded an award for the brain behind Mumbai Police's social media posts. Some even shared their version of the message in the comment section.

While the vaccination drive is still underway, we cannot let our guards down as we prepare for the second wave for the second virus wave. Wearing a mask properly and following COVID-19 protocols become even more important in this battle against the Coronavirus.

The state of Maharashtra has been the worst affected by the Coronavirus outbreak that started last year. It reported over 56 thousand fresh cases and 376 deaths in the past 24 hours.

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