Mumbai Police uses Jon Snow’s line from Game of Thrones for message against drugs

Netizens loved the wordplay of the cops.

As the final episode of Game of Thrones aired, fans spoke about watching the show for the past eight years and #GameOfThrones dominated trends on social media. Mumbai Police also jumped on the bandwagon and issued a public service announcement with a meme featuring one of the show’s most popular characters: Jon Snow.

Snow reiterated multiple times during the show that he didn t want the Iron Throne and the line "I don’t want it" has been a subject of memes on social media. The Mumbai Police used the Lord Commander’s line to issue a message to people to stay away from drugs.

Accompanied by a picture of Jon Snow and a witty hashtag, the official handle of the police suggested the answer should always be ‘I don’t want it’, "When a friend suggests trying drugs!"

The tweet got a thumbs up from Twitterati online, who praised the police force’s social media managers for their witty takes on contemporary memes.

In the show Jon Snow never wanted to rule, and on several occasions he attempted to avoid any authoritative position, only to have leadership duties thrust upon him. While the final episode aired today, there were also opinions that it ended with a whimper.