Mumbai Police is Teaching Consent the Correct Way on Twitter

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Mumbai Police ensured to start the New Year on an-point humorous note. Their posts often create a buzz online as they manage to send out a clear message and leave people entertained at the same time. The Mumbai Police knows well how to be witty with their creative advisory posts that often leave people amused. On New Year’s Eve, they shared a post to remind people to stay home during the night curfew from 11 pm to 6 am and ensure safety. “Single and ready to mingle but ONLINE,” they tweeted while sharing a screenshot of a chat.

Ahead of the night curfew, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the social media unit of Mumbai Police responded with quirky answers to those who wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve with pomp and show. Mumbai Police official Twitter also extensively used the hashtags, #SafetyFirstOn31st, #ConsentMatters #StayHome #StaySafe #PartyResponsibly, #SayNoToDrugs, #RoadSafety, #CoronaKoAlvidaKehna in their posts.

They had the best response to a person who asked if he could reach his female friend's house by 11 pm and stay there overnight. Mumbai Police took a friendly approach to advise people to take consent before visiting their female friends at their residences at night.

The Mumbai Police is known to ace the savage reply game. They answered the Twitter user’s question, who wanted to play along, with an apt response. The department also revealed an alternate accommodation option for the night for the user. They tweeted, “We hope you have taken her consent else we have an alternate accommodation for the night in mind for you! #ConsentMatters #SafetyFirstOn31st”

The post captured people’s attention and many lauded the Mumbai Police’s response. Users of the micro-blogging site shared their funny reactions in various comments. The Mumbai Police replied to a Twitter user in a similar context. The user reacted to their epic response on consent matters saying, “Great to see consent getting mainstreamed.”

With an absolute to-the-point reply, the Mumbai Police said, “It’s basic. It’s primary. It’s non-negotiable,” and added hashtags, #ANoMeansNo, #SafetyFirstOn31st, #ConsentMatters to the reply.

On December 31 night, boats, banquet halls, hotels, pubs, restaurants were banned for booking and for parties by the Mumbai Police. Large gatherings at other popular places including Gateway of India, Marine Drive in Mumbai were banned. They monitored movements of people with drones and CCTV cameras for wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing norms.