After Mumbai Police, UP Police Draw Message of 'HOPE' with Vehicles amid Lockdown

During the coronavirus lockdown, the daily workers, police officers and health care professionals have been doing everything possible to ensure that people follow the guidelines.

Amid such testing times, a little humour and hope is what we all look after. For a long time, Mumbai City police has been sharing memes to make people aware of the pandemic and urge them to stay indoors.

Following the lead, the Uttar Pradesh police department has drawn the message of ‘HOPE’ using official vehicles. The picture has been shared on various social media handles, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The snap shows a fleet of cars standing in structure to spell the letters H, O, P and E, in front of the picturesque Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow.

The message below says, “Hold On. Pain Ends.” The caption shared with the image reads, “Ummeed par duniya qayam hai, aur hum qayam hai aapke Sankalp par (The world is stronger with hopes, and we are stronger with your determination). HOPE keeps us all going! #JeetegaBharatHaaregaCorona #IndiaFightsCorona #COVIDー19.”

A lot of people have been appreciating the efforts of the police department ever since the picture was shared on social media. Some even thanked the officials for their dedication and hard work during these times.