Mumbai Police Invokes Scene from Bachchan-Starrer Agneepath to Raise Awareness on Hygiene

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Mumbai Police's meme game has always been one of the best and the the department is known to make ample use of pop-culture memes for raising safety and public awareness since a long time. Their meme-culture has grown exponentially since the coronavirus pandemic. Though most people have stopped believing that there is a pandemic since the lockdown was lifted, Mumbai Police makes at least one meme-post every day to remind people we are still in danger.

Humour makes it easier for things to be put across without serious undertones. So, a deadly pandemic like this also needs a dash of humour to make public awareness campaigns more approachable. This time, Mumbai Police has used the iconic Amitabh Bachchan film Agneepath (1990) as their meme fodder.

They took the scene where Vijay (Bachchan) comes home for a meal. He is welcomed by his excited and cheerful sister, played by Neelam Kothari, and a slightly angry mother, played by Rohini Hattangadi. As Neelam’s character is excited to tell the brother that their mother cooked his favourite meal, Bachchan’s character notes their mother clearly knows his likes.

To this, Hattangadi asks if he ever bothered to learn his mother’s likes. He brags he can get her anything. But the mother, still angry, simply grinds her teeth to say, “apne haath dho le” (wash your hands).Bachchan looks at his hands, gets up, and says, “haan haath dho leta hai,” (yes, I will wash my hands). He then returns, wiping his hands on a towel. He brandishes the washed hands in front of his mother, claiming how clean they are now.

While the scene is quite a serious one in the context of the film, Mumbai Police’s post makes it slightly hilarious.They captioned it, "Kya aapne kabhi jaanane ki koshish ki, ki Ma ko kya pasand hai?(Did you ever try to discover what mother really likes?)," with the hashtags#PathToSafety #MaKiSuno #MomsAlwaysRight and #TakingOnCorona.

The hashtags supporting the clip are a gentle reminder that we still need to practice safety protocols amidst the raging pandemic.

A user commented, “Mumbai police got no chill,” while another noted, “Soooo creative. Super really."

Others commented how creative the admin handling the Mumbai Police social media is.