Mumbai police constable filmed trying to run over a man! CCTV footage video will leave you shell shocked

Rashmi Mishra
The video shows a man hit by an Innova car in the busy market with shocked onlookers watching in disbelief.

In a shocking incident, a Mumbai police constable is caught on camera as he attempts to run over a pedestrian. The chilling CCTV footage video surfaced on the Internet and had left the viewers dumbstruck. The accused named Ramesh Awate is a constable with the Special Branch of the Mumbai police who tried to run over the victim Atul Pethe in Thane, Mumbai. The police constable took the dire step of knocking 31-year-old Pethe due to the financial dispute. Ramesh Awate is missing since April 21, the date in which he committed such an inhuman act.

The video shows a man hit by an Innova car in the busy market with shocked onlookers watching in disbelief. The victim later identified as Atul Pethe is continuously tried to run over as he sticks to the bonnet of the car. Fortunately, the man escapes unhurt miraculously. The horrifying incident was caught on CCTV as it took place near Prashant Corner ice-cream store in Pachpakdi in Thane.

Atul Pethe in his complaint said Ramesh was enraged over an argument related to the money he had borrowed from his mother. The constable had taken Rs 3 lakh from Pethe’s mother and was not repaying. Atul had filed a police complaint against Ramesh making him furious with the former. On the day of the incident, he came to Atul Pethe’s sister’s shop to pick up a fight with him. With things turning nastier, the man tried to capture constable’s unruly behaviour. The policeman was not in the uniform that time, got in his car and tried to hit Pethe with his car.

After trying to run over with the car, Aware dragged Pethe from the bonnet of the car as he had climbed on top of it to save himself. It was only after the onlookers raised the alarm; Atul Pethe was saved from the ire of the disgruntled constable. The man claimed the policeman of borrowing the money and refusing to pay him back despite giving numerous reminders. The guilty constable is currently on the run. Ramesh Awate has served as a driver to the slain 26/11 encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar.