Mumbai Police arrests 4 students for stealing answer scripts

Four students were arrested for stealing answer scripts and planning to sell it to scraps to get some money to buy drugs.

Mumbai police today arrested four minor students for stealing answer papers of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams from a school in Dahisar, Maharashtra.

The students were planning to sell the answer scripts in scrap to get some money to buy drugs. Police has recovered 330 answer scripts out of 516.

"Around 200 papers are still missing and we are trying our best to find them, but if we don't find them the board will have to take decision on those missing papers. The students may have to give exams again which can be big loss," a senior police officer said.

SSC exams finished in Maharashtra last month, after which the scripts go to different government schools for correction.

According to police reports, the scripts were stolen from inside pricipal's cabin.

Principal Nagendra Pathak had gone for tea, and when he returned the scipts were missing.

"Interestingly, when the students stole answer sheets, they realised their mistake. Later they came back to school to return the answer sheets but the principal had left by that time and the school was preparing to file a complaint. And so they left with the answer sheets and disposed the papers inside the National park jungle from where the papers are recovered," a police officer said.