Mumbai Mirror report "untrue", "baseless": PMO

New Delhi, Sept 15 (ANI): Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has rubbished the news report published in a Mumbai daily on Saturday that said the Prime Minister had communicated to Congress president Sonia Gandhi that coal block allocations were done on the recommendation of Gandhi's political secretary.

The PMO, in a statement, dismissed the report as "untrue, scurrilous, irresponsible and mischievous."

"The attention of the Prime Minister's Office has been drawn to a news story published in Mumbai Mirror today, September 15, 2012. The allegation that the Prime Minister talked to the UPA Chairperson and communicated to her that his office had cleared the coal block allotment on the recommendation of her political secretary is completely untrue. This is a scurrilous, irresponsible and mischievous report. It is hoped that other newspapers or media outlets do not reproduce or repeat the baseless story," it said. (ANI)