Mumbai: MBMC stares at dengue sting

Bhayandar: The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) claims to have embarked on a cleanli­ness drive by its active partici­pation in the Swachh Bharat campaign. However, the civic body seems to be fighting a losing battle with dengue. It has issued toothless notices, sans follow-up action against potential mosquito breeding sites, especially under-construc­tion buildings in the twin-city.

This is evident from the fact four suspected dengue patients were detected adjacent to an under-construction site in Ram­dev Park, Mira Road. Thanks to the negligence of local develo­pers, the region is staring at an epidemic after several people living in the vicinity were reported to be down with fever for a week now.

Most contractors deployed by developers have turned the construction sites into perfect breeding pools, even as the health department remains a mute spectator to such a serious health crisis.

The agency claims to have conducted a survey and served notices to 190 under-construc­tion projects to alert the developers and supervisors to ensure there are no mosquito breeding spots. The move was part of a campaign to tackle the mosquito menace to curb vector-borne diseases — den­g­ue and malaria. However, most have ignored the notice.

Unlike their Mumbai counterparts, which is empowered to take legal action against mosquitoes-breeders, MBMC ‘s role is limited to issuing toothless notices, as its proposal seeking powers to prosecute violators, is biting dust with the state government for the past more than 7 years.