Mumbai man takes Ola cab, gets bill of Rs 149 crore

Sriparna Ghosh
Sushil Narsian's ola bill

Getting a bill of INR 149 crore from Ola for a ride on April 1— the All Fools' Day— can indeed be mistaken as a prank. This is exactly what Mumbai resident Sushil Narsian thought when he received a staggering Rs 1,49,10,51,648 bill for a ride he didn't even take.

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Narsian had booked a cab from his residence in Mulund West to Vakola Market. Since the driver was unable to locate the house via maps as his phone stopped working, Narsian started to walk towards the driver. But by the time he reached the pick-up point, the driver had cancelled the ride.

What happened next was indeed unexpected. Ola has charged Rs 149 crore for the ride and deducted Rs127, the remaining balance in his mobile wallet. Sunil realised the faux pas when he tried to book another cab.

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When he tweeted out the issue on social media, the taxi-hailing platform refunded his money and fixed the anomaly in two hours.

When International Business Times, India reached out to Ola, they said the glitch has been sorted.

Here's what the Ola PR team said:

Ola's reply to Sushil Narsian's bill

Ola made it up to Narsian with a special offer.

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