Mumbai man swallows yellow sapphire worth Rs 1.1 lakh during a failed attempt at stealing

A man from Mulund allegedly swallowed a yellow sapphire worth Rs 1.1 lakh during a failed attempt at stealing it on Tuesday. The man had visited the jewellery shop from where he tried to steal the precious stone multiple times.

The accused, Mohammed Hussain Inayat Ali Khan has been arrested and as of yesterday the sapphire is still inside his body, doctors are trying to figure out a way to retract the stone from his body, reported a leading daily.

The accused had first visited the jewellery store on Sunday and asked the salesman to show him several precious stones, he had asked the salesman of the stones’ prices. He visited the store again on Tuesday and asked for the yellow sapphire to be shown again.

The salesman Kishan Sharma told the paper, “On realising that I had seen him and would call security to check his pockets, he gulped it down and ran out of the store."

The accused was caught with the help of some people outside the store and handed over to the police. The salesman filed a complaint at the nearby police station.

A police officer investigating the crime told the paper, "After registering the case we took Khan to a private hospital. Doctors there gave him laxatives but the gem did not come out of his body. After two days of waiting, he was referred to JJ Hospital on Thursday, where he underwent a number of tests.”

The accused will be presented in a court on Friday.

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