Mumbai Man Dresses Up as Santa and Distributes Masks, Sanitizers and Awareness on Covid-19

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This year, Christmas seems to be a bit different from earlier as the celebrations will be low key due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, a Mumbai man named Ashok Kurmi has found a different way to spread joy. Keeping in view the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashok dressed up as Santa Claus and distributed face masks and carried out a sanitization in Mumbai to spread awareness. He was snapped in Rani Lakshmi Chowk area while distributing masks to people. Not only this, he also distributed face masks and hand sanitizer to the homeless and needy children. Now, his actions are hitting the headlines.

Ashok, who is the president of the Sion Friend Circle Foundation, talked to news agency ANI and said that these things give him satisfaction as he can make people aware of the importance of wearing face masks. He is quoted by the agency as saying, "I used to celebrate Christmas every year by distributing toys, chocolates, and gifts to underprivileged kids but this year due to the massive spread of COVID-19, I decided to sanitise bus stands, autos, and other places.” Well, this action of Ashok is an inspiration for many as they can also distribute face masks and sanitizers instead of chocolates cakes and other gift items.

Maharashtra, along with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, have reported the highest number of cases while there is a rapid increment in the number of infections in Kerala and West Bengal. Maharashtra has recorded a total of 1884773 Coronavirus cases so far, out of which, 1774255 recovered while the death toll rose to 48499 patients. Currently, 60905 patients are infected.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 seems to have some positive effect on children as they have become more sensible and kind towards the world. A student at Haw River Elementary, named Braxton Knight wrote a letter to Santa wishing for him to stay safe from the coronavirus as he delivers gifts to the kids all around the world. According to the report published by Khou11, Braxton in his letter mentioned that Santa needs to wear a face mask as well as gloves and should always keep hand sanitizer with him. The kid also asked to provide a mask to the reindeer.

The reports also stated that the kid has even suggested Santa to be quarantined so that he’ll be healthy for his sleigh ride.