Mumbai limps back to normal after blasts

Mumbai, July 14 (ANI): Life limped back to normal in Mumbai after serial blasts rocked the city killing at least 17 and injured over 130.

Displaying their stoic resilience against extremism and violence, locals continued with their daily routines.

"The people of Mumbai have proved time and again that we can never be cowed down by such acts of extremism. We will carry on with our daily lives no matter what happens. This is why, students are going to schools, housewives are coming to local shops to buy milk, and life has returned to normal in Mumbai," said Mohan Dutta.

They also criticised the state and central governments for the blasts, stressing they had got 'used to' being attacked by extremist elements.

"We have become used to blasts and militant strikes. Bomb blasts have become a routine affair in the city. They are no longer a novelty for us," said Sachin.

"Whatever is happening is not correct. All those who are perpetrating such blasts are doing a wrong deed. Nobody knows what they want by killing people. Innocent people are getting killed in such attacks. I do not know what the police and the investigative agencies are doing in protecting the people," said Mushtaq Hussain.

The three serial blasts rocked Zaveri Bazaar, a popular jewellery market, at 6.50 p.m. Another blast shook the busy business area around Opera House. A third blast ripped through the crowded Dadar area of Central Mumbai at 7.04 p.m. (ANI)