Mumbai: Husband, in-laws booked for attempt to sacrifice woman

Jalna: On the night of Nariyal Purnima, a man with his accomplices tried to offer his own wife as human sacrifice with the greed to acquire a hidden treasure.

This occurred in Dahal village of Ambad of Jalna district. The police have filed offence under the Anti-superstition & Black Magic Act against the lady's husband, father-in-law and five others.

According to the lady, her husband, his parents and other members of the household took her to a secluded spot in a field, stripped her and tied her to a tree. They first bathed her to purify.

They then lit a fire to do some puja and then had tried to offer her as sacrifice. Meanwhile, the lady began screaming, in which period the auspicious moment lapsed. In a fit of fury, the in-laws beat her till she fell unconscious and then they locked her up.

The victim struggled to set herself free and fled from her marital home. She informed her parents and some of her relatives about the incident. Her family then took her to the Godi police on Tuesday.

Police filed offences under relevant sections of the Anti-superstition & Black Magic Act against her husband, his parents, his maternal uncle and her brother-in-law.

Further investigation is being conducted by SI Sayed Naseer. According to sources, police have confiscated the puja material. The accused are absconding.