Mumbai: Elderly man attacked by 2 bikers in Malad

Mumbai: A senior citizen was attacked by two bike-borne men near Mith Chowki in Malad (W) on Wednesday morning. Baranbe Pereira, 65, was waiting at a bus stop, when two assailants attacked him. He was rushed to Zenith Hospital, where he is undergoing treated. A case was lodged at Malad police station.

Police said, Pereira, a retired engineer with Western Railways,was on his way to the tailor, when two men attacked him. His wife, Clara said, she suspects their tussle with two restaurants in their society boundaries could be the motive for attack.

“Due to the hotel, the chimney air we don't get any fresh air or ventilation. My husband had learnt that the restaurants don't have proper licences and hence we lodged complaints with BMC and police, and have been fighting the issue for years now,” Clara said.

On Monday, Barnabe had visited the BMC and told civic officers he was fed up of their inaction. He threatened to approach the court. Two days later, when Barnabe left home to visit the tailor, a man parked his bike at some distance and walked towards Barnabe.

He then slashed Barna­be on his face and head. We have recovered the knife from the spot. Barnabe's shirt was soaked in blood as he was rushed to a private hospital in the neighbour­hood. Baranbe suffered injuries above his left eye, behind his left ear and right cheek,” said Clara.