Mumbai: Dog saves owner's life, gets killed

The dog was killed when he tried to save its owner from the knife-wielding attacker.

A pet dog was killed after it tried to save its master from a knife-wielding attacker in Mumbai's Sion Koliwada.

A 23-year-old man was about to kill his girlfriend when one of the woman's friend came to her rescue. The man tried to kill the friend also, when the pet dog came in between to her rescue. The pet dog bit the man to shove him away. The man, however, killed the dog and escaped from the spot. The man, identifies as Venkatesh, was arrested by police in the murder case of the dog but was released on bail same day.

The woman, identified as Sumathi, a resident of Sion Koliwada, lives with his brother.

Over a year back, Sumathi brought a dog and named her Lucky.

The accused is also a resident of nearby locality. Venkatesh had problems with his girlfriend and wanted to take revenge from her. Venkatesh had decided to kill his girlfriend and that is when he had come to her house with a knife. But his girlfriend escaped and went to the house of Sumathi to hide. Venkatesh followed her to Sumathi's house where Sumathi stopped him from entering.

Speaking to India Today, Sumanthi said, "I tried to stop Venkatesh from entering my house. He was carrying a big knife. He tried to attack me as well. He pushed me and caught me by my hair. Watching this my dog lucky came to my rescue. He was barking, but Venkatesh did not stop. Lucky bit Venkatesh twice. Getting furious by this, Venkatesh with the same knife killed my dog on the spot."

Inconsolable Sumathi added, "I don't have anyone now with me. He was everything to me. The cops released Venkatesh on bail. I want justice for Lucky."

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