This Mumbai DJ Signing up as a Volunteer Amid COVID Is Inspiring

With every passing day, we realise the value of frontline workers who are putting their lives at stake to battle a deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, not all of us are equipped enough to contribute in the same manner but some try anyway and it’s heartwarming to see such a positive response from people - a Mumbai DJ being one of them!

Mumbai-based Sanjay Meriya, a local DJ, recently decided to revive his medical degree amid the pandemic. The 30-year-old DJ, popularly known as The Spindoctor, signed up to be a medical volunteer in April after spotting a government advertisement regarding the same, reported Reuters. Meriya’s primary responsibility has been visiting a Mumbai slum and urging people to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease. Reports suggest that Meriya will be working as a medical volunteer for at least three months.

The Mumbai DJ has also been documenting his experience on social media. He recently posted a photo where he is dressed in appropriate PPE gear and is posing with a Mumbai cop. In the caption, he thanks cops for “working hand in hand with us !”

He writes, “They work 8-12 hrs a day in killing heat and trying to convince the most stubborn population to stay home ! I am always a fan of Mumbai Police and thanks for making Mumbai the best city for us.”

It’s good to see that despite the situation, his sense of humour is intact and he is thoroughly enjoying dedicating himself to serving people.

We can never be grateful enough for people like Meriya who, despite any moral or legal obligation, are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying to do their bit. For the rest of us, it’s important to remember that social distancing and practising basic hygiene is equally important. So let’s keep doing our bit!

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