Sena MP hit Air India staffer because he made 'insulting comments against PM Modi'

Gaikwad was banned by Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) after he hit an Air India staffer on March 23.

Shiv Sena's now-notorious MP Ravindra Gaikwad has said the sandal beating he meted out to an Air India staffer aboard a flight was "was a reaction to actions".

Gaikwad claimed on Wednesday that he hit Sukumar Raman, the Air India official, 25 times with his slipper because he had made "insulting comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi".

The Sena MP arrived in Delhi on a train today after Air India cancelled his ticket from Mumbai to Delhi.

This was the third time Gaikwad's air ticket was cancelled following the Shiv Sena MP assaulting a 60-year-old Air India staffer last week.

Even as Gaikwad arrived in Delhi, it appeared that the crime branch has decided to go slow with the case and is unlikely to take any action against him.

Officers investigating the case said they are still examining the statements who joined the probe on Monday.

On Friday, Delhi Police had informed the Lok Sabha Secretariat about the filing of the FIR but they have not got in touch with Lok Sabha since. No approval has been sought from Lok Sabha to question the Shiv Sena MP.

This comes after the complainant Sukumar has given a detail statement to the crime branch.

Details of Sukumar's statement to crime branch on Monday, narrated the sequence of events of that took place. Once again, he said that the MP was at fault.


In his statement, Sukumar said that on 23rd March, he asked the cabin crew why the process of disembarkation had not been completed. To which, the staff told him that a passenger refused to deplane.

On entering the aircraft, the passenger , later identified as Ravindra Gaikwad, insisted on meeting the CMD of Air India.

"I first spoke to him in english, he insisted on speaking in Hindi. When I told him that it is not possible to bring the senior management , he got agitated and started abusing me. He then took out his slipper and hit me. He attacked me and tried to throw me out of the aircraft. The cabin crew and ground staff intervened. My glasses broke and the button of my cardigan was ripped open," Sukumar said.

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