Mumbai coronavirus measures: Housing societies screen, sanitise outsiders at entrance gates

Laxman Singh

Windermere Housing Society in Oshiwara has arranged for digital thermometers to check non-residents entering the building.

Housing societies across the city have taken several precautionary measures in view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, in addition to steps taken by the government — from sharing information on measures to stop the spread of the virus to arranging for digital thermometers and hand sanitisers at entrance lobbies.

Windermere Housing Society in Oshiwara has arranged for digital thermometers to check non-residents entering the building. "Also, we have kept hand sanitisers at the entrance of the building and outsiders are not allowed inside without having washed their hands. There are five wings and 500 flats in the society and screaning is being done at every wing as well as main entrance, "said Prakash Ruia, chairman of Windermere Housing Society.

The society's idea was followed by other housing complexes after Lokhandwala Oshiwara Residents Association (LOCA) which has team members from society has helped in spreading the word about it.

"For last few days, sociery is not allowing outsiders to enter the building without being sanitised and scanned. Food delivery persons, milk suppliers and laundry personnel, all are scanned and sanitised and then sent inside. We have also approached local chemist’s shops with a request for masks and hand sanitisers at discounted rates,” said Dhaval Shah of LOCA.

The association has started an extensive awareness drive on social media. In fact, one of the residents had gone for a check-up to Kasturba hospital and shared her experience on social media in a bid to raise awareness.

“Many people are scared of going to Kasturba hospital for a check-up. The woman shared her experience to explain doubts over the procedure and testing methods. We have shared her post on social media to raise awareness,” Shah said. Perry Road Residents’ Association has decided to request society members at housing complexes to encourage those with travel history to get tested. “We have WhatsApp groups and share information on preventive measures on them,” said Anil Joseph, chairman of Perry Road Residents’ Association in Bandra.

A residents’ association in Mulund has started sharing small posters on precautions to take to against coronavirus. “We share daily updates on social media groups of the association. We are also planning to share small posters of information for residents,” said Prakash Paddikal of Hillroad Residents’ Welfare Association (HRWA).

(with inputs from Iram Siddique)