Mumbai: City hospital haven for ailing baby rescued from floods

Mumbai: Being admitted to the BJ Wadia Hospital in Parel almost a week after being rescued from a flooded village in Haripur, Sangli district, might possibly prove a life-saver for a two-month-old baby.

She was brought to Wadia Hospital on August 14, shortly after being diagnosed with congenital heart disease at a private hospital in her village.

Doctors said currently, the baby is stable and is on antibiotics. After monitoring her condition for the next two-three days, she will undergo corrective cardiac surgery.

According to the baby's father, Sandeep Shinde, the family had planned to take the baby to Kolhapur for a check-up, the heavy downpour led to floods in their village, causing them to be stuck in their house for two days.

“On August 7, we were rescued by an NDRF team and were shifted to a nearby school. My daughter had fever and we took her to the medical camp set up inside the school for treatment. She was diagnosed with pneumonia then,” said Shinde.

The camp authorities advised them to move the baby to a private hospital as she had fever along with pneumonia. “Based on her medical reports, hospital authorities deduced she was suffering from heart ailment and suggested we immediately bring her to Wadia hospital in Mumbai,” Shinde explained.

Shakuntala Prabhu, medical director, Wadia Hospital, said the baby had a congenital heart defect which was revealed when she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

“The baby's condition is stable, as she is being treated for pneumonia. The baby weighs 2.07 kilogrammes and she is under observation,” said Dr Prabhu.

The baby will be monitored for a few more days and afterwards, corrective heart surgery will be performed, Dr Prabhu said. “Only when the baby's complete blood count (CBC) report, X-ray and other reports are normal will we perform surgery on her,” she said.