Mumbai: After breach, airport security to be tightened

Mumbai: The CISF and Mumbai Police will further step up security both inside and outside the Mumbai airport after Thursday’s mega-security breach when a ‘mentally ill’ person jumped over a wall to take a stroll beneath a Spicejet aircraft, official sources said in Mumbai on Friday.

The incident has come as a huge embarrassment to the concerned agencies — happening exactly two weeks after the Centre’s stringent directives on security matters in the wake of the scrapping of Article 370 — with many to remain in force till August 31.

On Thursday afternoon, as the Spicejet flight SG-634 Boeing 737 aircraft waited on the taxiway N1 to enter the runway for take off to Bengaluru, passengers and crew of the aircraft and others were shocked to see an unauthorised person moving around on the ground below.

He had scaled the perimeter walls of the airport which has slums on north and eastern sides, jumped down, strolled nonchalantly 50 metres to the taxiway, gaped at the engine, touched the huge wheels and went around the undercarriage of the aircraft.

The man expressed triumph over his feat by raising both arms even as an airport jeep reached the place to keep an eye on him. But the security did not step out of the vehicle to avoid getting too close to the aircraft engine.