Mumbai-Based Hardik Gothi Seeks To Revolutionise the Way World Sees Business

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Young Indian entrepreneurs are ready to upset the apple cart that is Indian business. One such dynamic man is Hardik Nitin Gothi, a Mumbai-based businessman who is the brain behind a revolutionary online concept called “Yuzuh”, which is used for marketing building & construction material. The platform is a result of 12 years of hard work and experience that Hardik has gained working in different areas of business, construction being a major part of it. Besides being well-educated, with an MBA from Welingkar College, Mumbai, Hardik has groomed himself in the traditional as well as modern functioning of the markets. It is this in-depth knowledge of the situation that has helped him attempt to revolutionize the way business has been done so far.

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Praise All Over

Hardik and his co-founders Priyanka Shah and Zuhaib M have created this tech-enabled platform to lend a space to business owners, vendors, supply chain managers, logistics operators to come together and earn maximum profits from an advantageous system. While launching Hardik’s pet project Yuzuh’s website, Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Chairman and MD of the Hiranandani Group, showered praise on the young man and said, “We all learned how to work online during Covid-19. Now we have to accept the online working culture as the new normal. This app will bring developers, suppliers, contractors and all stakeholders on one platform and will make it possible to buy good quality materials at affordable prices.” Well, adding to what Mr. Hiranandani has said, Yuzuh seeks to do much more than that.

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Growth & Profit

Yuzuh seeks to pioneer the process innovation with its revolutionary e-commerce model, which can solve various industry problems like inconsistent quality, price issues, fragmented vendor base and inefficacy of logistics and delivery setup. After being associated with some of the most ambitious and prestigious projects in India, it is no surprise that Yuzuh is a brand that carries its own insignia of excellence wherever it goes. Hardik’s new venture is “growth-oriented, profit-driven, scalable and a game changer”, all rolled into one. With Covid-19 having played havoc with businesses all over, this tech-driven platform is infusing new energy into the supply chain and taking care of gaps wherever they are.

Talking about Yuzuh, Hardik says, “Tech development and incorporation is the need of the hour for businesses everywhere. Covid-19 has just expedited the whole process and this significant change will decide the future course of world business. Automation of the supply chain is a step that would bring us dividends down the line.”

For now, Hardik is focused on working in and around Maharashtra but with the launch of Yuzuh, it is a matter of time before his entrepreneurship skills create magic across India and abroad, as his aim is to make this app a global platform. Talking about the benefits of his dream project, Hardik says, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of housing for all is a big and ambitious dream. It needs players like us having a broader vision towards the economies of scale, sustainability and also have a socio-profit based mindset to grow. Yuzuh has all these qualities, and I feel this mindset is what creates business conglomerates like the Tatas and Reliance. It is this mindset that will guide our genesis and define our growth for the future.”

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