Mumbai: Balcony of building falls in Ulhasnagar

Thane: The balcony of a ground plus five storied building collapsed on Friday afternoon in Ulhasnagar. The fire official said that no injuries or casualties were reported, while a civic official added that luckily no one was present in the flat when the balcony collapsed.

Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) officials reached the spot and evacuated residents from the building having six flats and seven shops.

The SAI Apartment building is situated in Camp 2 of Ulhasnagar city. The building is said to be constructed in 1993-94, when many of buildings were constructed in the city using Ulwa sand (inferior quality sand).

The flats belong to leading businessmen from the city as each floor has over 2,000-3,000 square feet area on each floor.

Ganesh Shimpi, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of UMC said, “The building was not in the list of dangerous buildings. But it was constructed in 1993-94 during which many buildings were constructed using the inferior quality sand.”