Mumbai: Anti-NRC messages to take to the sky today

Abha Goradia
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Giant kites with ‘No NRC’ messages will be flown on Makar Sankranti as a mark of peaceful protest. (Photo: Amit Chakravarty)

The 74-year-old has never been part of a public protest in his life. But on Monday, he joined his son and friends to prepare kites with “no NRC” messages. The kites will be flown on Makar Sankranti on Wednesday morning.

“In my lifetime, the only time I’ve seen people come out on the streets like this is post the Emergency to demand Indira Gandhi to resign,” the garment merchant said. He has also made a do-it-yourself video with his son to show protesters how they can prepare such kites. The video has been uploaded to

“We wanted this movement to be non-digital, visible and within safe boundaries of one’s own terrace or ground,” his son said. The Indian Express is withholding the names of the father and son as they did not wish to be identified.

Nearly 300 such kites bearing anti-NRC messages will be flown across the city, mainly at three locations — Girgaum-Chowpatty, Carter Road and Versova Beach. Some kites will be six feet wide so messages are clearly visible from the ground. Member of the National Working Committee of Hum Bharat Ke Log Feroze, Mithiborwala, said, “The idea is to promote Hindu-Muslim unity and communal harmony. Unity is our overarching theme...Lakhs of people are marching on the streets with a tricolour in hand. We have answered the attacks on us by marching peacefully...”

“Ek haath mein tiranga, dusre haath mein samvidhan, mann mein ahimsa aur zubaan pe jana mana gana ka gaan (In one hand, the flag. In the other hand, the Constitution. Non-violence in our hearts and the national anthem on the tongue,” he said.