Mumbai Among Other Cities at Risk of Sumerging by 2050: How Did We Get Here? | The Quint

“Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata maybe submerged by 2050” - you must have read many such headlines but what does the report say? The climate is definitely changing. It’s not just a future that is dramatized in sci-fi movies, but it’s quite tangibly changing. India summers are getting hotter and drier, and then we're get irregular monsoons, and now some fresh warnings have come up on how much worse the situation might get by 2050. This is to The Big Story - the podcast where we dissect the biggest story of the day. A new report says that if emission levels aren’t checked and continues in the same track it's on, many coastal areas including some of India’s populated metropolitans like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata may get completely submerged or get chronic floods. Other Asian coastal countries like Mainland China, Bangladesh, Vietnam,Japan, Indonesia Thailand and Philippines are also expected to be affected. What kind of damages is the report projecting in the future? And what are the assumptions the report is based on? Tune in to The Big Story!