Mumbai: 18-month-old girl dies after falling from seventh floor flat in Nalasopara

FPJ Web Desk

In a tragic incident, an 18-month old girl died on Friday after allegedly falling from the balcony of her seventh floor flat in Nalasopara. The balcony had no upper grilles and just had a loosely-placed mosquito net as a protective measure.

According to Hindustan Times, the deceased toddler was identified as Priyal Das. The incident took place last Friday when she was playing and stood on one of the steps of the railing of the balcony when she slipped and fell in front of her mother and grandmother. During the time of the incident, Priyal’s grandmother was lying on the bed and mother was seated on the floor. While playing, Priyal ran towards the balcony and got onto the railing. Her mother ran to stop her but it was too late.

Priyal’s neighbours rushed her to Vasai civic hospital where she was declared dead. Priyal’s father, Sudam Das, works in Surat and comes home every weekend. According to Das, there are no upper grilles to all balconies in the building and most of the flats only have mosquito nets. He said parents with small children had discussed covering them with grilles but nothing was done.